The updated Street Aid program

Project Initiative CIC is pleased to present their updated program for Street Aid, their flagship program.

While pleased with the success of the delivery so far, the team understands that this is an ever-evolving concern and so will be regularly reviewing and amending the course to meet the needs of the students.

The course has been updated with the following modules:

Healthy relationships

Within this module we look through a young person’s perspective of healthy relationships and their thoughts and feelings on what that means to them, whilst keeping an open dialogue around the topic. We will also look at the impacts of an unhealthy relationship and learn skills on identifying toxic relationship behaviours.

Mental Health

Mental health issues are one of the leading courses of problems for young people, and it’s important to learn the differences to get the best help available. We explore why mental health issues are an ever-increasing problem, how to spot them and the services available to help both ourselves and others that are suffering from them.


In a society in which the availability and ease of buying drugs is higher than ever, we will identify the different drugs available, their risks and the effects they have on the person and the wider community around them, as well as identifying peer pressure tactics and offer coping strategies.

Social media

We explore the positive and negative aspects of social media, as well as internet safety. We also support an open dialogue on the opinions of our young learners and their thoughts on the increasing importance of social media in their lives.

Sexual health

Our sexual health workshop will establish why it’s important to make sexual health a priority and help remove some of the stigma surrounding keeping good sexual health, and why it is vital to keep healthy sexual relationships. We supply help and advice, as well as inform our students of the resources available at their disposal.

County lines

This workshop will explore the term ‘County lines’ and the effects of this exploitation on the individual, families and communities. We will teach how to spot signs of grooming and exploitation and highlight practical solutions and prevention methods.

Alex Perry, Project Lead for Project Initiative CIC said: “We’re very pleased that we’ve seen such a positive response for Street Aid, but we’re also aware that it requires reflexive, adaptable training to grow.

We’re confident our future learners will benefit from these changes and we make continual reviewing and evaluation a priority.”