Project Initiative – Street Aid Update

Project Initiative’s first programme, Street Aid has come a long way since launching in March 2019. We have since delivered to over 200 young people and 36 facilitators.

We have been extremely lucky to have been awarded funding and commissioned to deliver Street Aid across the UK. Over one year later, we have delivered to a vast range of organisations, schools, and councils.

Kent County Council

We were commissioned by Kent Council’s Early Help team to deliver Street Aid to the young people they support. Delivery was due to commence in May 2020, however the national lockdown stopped this from happening. In order for delivery to commence sooner, the delivery model was changed from our team delivering to young people directly, to instead delivering our Street Aid Facilitators course to 13 staff members in Kent. The feedback we had was extremely positive and over 100 young people from across the county will benefit from Street Aid training.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Active Citizen’s Fund

We were awarded Active Citizen’s Funding to deliver our Street Aid programme to young people across Wolverhampton and Birmingham East to 10 schools with over 150 young people, as well as our Facilitators course to 23 individuals across Coventry and Walsall to 8 organisations, including Walsall Council and West Midlands Police. Facilitators in Walsall have been busy delivering to schools and youth organisations across Walsall.


Back in February, we were awarded funding under Project Guardian from Sandwell Police to deliver Street Aid to young people in Q3 Academy Tipton and Sandwell Community School – West Bromwich Campus. However, due to the national lockdown we were unable to continue on with delivery as schools were closed. We have plans to start delivering to young people in November.

England Boxing

We have a really great relationship with Tamworth Boxing Club, and as a result we were commissioned to deliver our Extremism & Radicalisation course as part of their Prevent duty. This was then delivered to England Boxing club coaches across the UK virtually during lockdown, so they were able to deliver this course into their clubs. Delivery has been really positive for the participants who took part, and they are been delivering to their teams successfully.

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