MOTIVE8 our young learners to get the support they need…

Sometimes you need a little nudge, other times it is a push in the right direction.

A conversation needs to happen, and we are here to help and get that started.

We have recently been having conversations with schools and support organisations amongst others. There was one topic which kept coming up which was mental health.

“Young people need support now more than ever.”

“They don’t know about mental health, there’s a lack of understanding.”

“Its scary the amount of young people suffering with poor mental health, some don’t even realise it.”

“If they can’t talk to those at home, do they know where they can turn?”

With our programmes, MOTIVE8 and Street Aid, we get those conversations started. We assist in equipping young people with the tools to safeguard themselves both physically and mentally. Through mentoring and guidance, young people can get the support they need.

MOTIVE8: Covering topics such as County Lines, Healthy Relationships and Resilience we give young people the tools to make informed decisions to support and safeguard themselves and others. Our newest module, in the final stages of development, is ‘Mentally Healthy’. The aim of this module is to give young people an understanding of mental health, the indicators, the causes, and support using the 3 R’s: Recognise, Respond and Refer. This is important as it is evident, especially after multiple lockdowns the last 12 months and many restrictions, young people need as much support as possible. They need to know ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ but that there is support out there.

Street Aid: Acknowledges the issues faced by young people and prepares them to respond to difficult situations in a proactive way to safeguard themselves and others. Our range of modular interactive workshops encourages open dialogue about key issues facing young people in our communities and aims to reduce the escalating violence and fatalities linked to knife and gang-related crimes.

Both of our programmes allow the young person the opportunity to talk, for an open dialogue in a confidential and safe environment.

Times are tough, we are acknowledging that our younger generations are struggling, and something needs to be done. The road to a positive, healthy mindset is starting here for the young people we are supporting.

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