MOTIVE8 Facilitator course

We are launching our MOTIVE8 Facilitator course!

We are pleased to announce, our MOTIVE8 programme is now available as a Facilitator course. Facilitators’ should be individuals who support young people at risk aged 14-24, including but not exclusive to: teachers, those working in a pastoral or safeguarding role; social workers, working on an 1-1 basis with young people; and children’s home managers and support workers.

MOTIVE8 is the culmination of years of experience working with young people aged 14 -24 in the community and children’s home settings. It has become apparent now more than ever that looked after children and care leavers are not receiving the education and guidance to be able to safeguard themselves and others effectively. In addition to this, the rising levels of online grooming and poor mental health have placed an increased pressure on young people. That is why it is important that we support young people’s knowledge about online grooming, poor mental health, and healthy relationships to ensure young people can make educated and informed decisions.

MOTIVE8 is made up of activities relating to 8 modules, which can be carried out both virtually and face to face ensuring that you are meeting the individual’s wants and needs.   

Social Media

Social Media is a phenomenon – but it doesn’t come without problems. We explore the positive and negative aspects, as well as internet safety. We also support discussions on the opinions of our young people and their thoughts on the increasing importance of social media in their lives.

Healthy Relationships

Knowing the difference between a good relationship and a bad one is an important skill for young people to grow and develop healthy, loving relationships. Within this module we look through a young person’s perspective and their thoughts and feelings on what a healthy relationship is, whilst  keeping an open dialogue around the topic. We will also look at the impacts of an unhealthy relationship and learn skills on identifying toxic relationship behaviours.

Healthy Minds

During Healthy Minds, we make it clear how mental health is a challenge which young people face and the prime causes. We explore factors contributing to the rise in poor mental health in young people; as well as acknowledging triggers for others as well as themselves; and how they can help support themselves and their peers.

Sexual Health

Our sexual health workshop will establish why knowledge in this area is important, why it needs to be made a priority, and help remove some of the stigma surrounding keeping good sexual health. We supply help and advice, as well as inform our young people through resources available at their disposal.


Never has it been so important to talk. The pressures and stresses faced by many young people can have a profound impact on poor mental health and behaviour. This workshop works to break down the barriers of communication and encourage individuals to spot the warning signs, in them and those around them, that can impact mental wellbeing. We will identify coping strategies and preventative measures that promote resilience.

County Lines

This module is for young people to have an open and honest discussion around County Lines. For those who are already aware of it, it is their chance to verbalise the knowledge and gain a bit more of an insight into the reality of it. For those who do not have prior knowledge, then they have a chance to gain it for the first time. Learners will be able to safeguard themselves against the threat of County Lines and be able to assist in safeguarding others by knowing what to look out for.

Mentally Healthy

This module is a great opportunity for young people to have an open and honest discussion around the basis of mental health, and specifically poor mental health. It is a chance to reflect and share prior knowledge and learn new knowledge. The sole purpose is for the learners to be able to help safeguard themselves and others by understanding the principal of the 3 R’s; Recognise, Respond, and Refer.

Who Am I?

We explore with young people the difference between self-esteem and confidence and how both can affect individuals, but also how we can improve them for ourselves; and in turn others by having more of an understanding of our emotions.

Individuals wishing to complete the MOTIVE8 Facilitator course will be able to do so at their own pace and timeframe as the course is hosted on our ‘On-Demand’ portal. This portal allows facilitators to access a range of knowledge through written and visual media. These resources are available whenever it suits the facilitators, as they have been pre-recorded. This way of learning allows facilitators to complete the course whenever you want, wherever you want. There is no need to book days out of the calendar, as you can access them in, around and after the working day. The MOTIVE8 Facilitators’ course has no set dates.

It is important to us at Project Initiative that we make a difference to as many young people’s lives as possible. It is impossible for us alone to deliver MOTIVE8 to young people across the UK, but with the help of Facilitators, we will be able to reach even more young people. If you have any further questions about MOTIVE8 Facilitators’ course, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team by emailing or call the office on 01827 216 171.