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Street Aid Facilitator Course

Street Aid Facilitators’ Course We are launching our Street Aid Facilitator course! We are very pleased to announce, our Street Aid Facilitators’ course is now available to purchase. We have been delivering our Facilitators’ course funded since 2019 to organisations across the UK including Kent, Walsall, and Coventry. Facilitators should be individuals who support young […]

MOTIVE8 Facilitator course

We are launching our MOTIVE8 Facilitator course! We are pleased to announce, our MOTIVE8 programme is now available as a Facilitator course. Facilitators’ should be individuals who support young people at risk aged 14-24, including but not exclusive to: teachers, those working in a pastoral or safeguarding role; social workers, working on an 1-1 basis […]

MOTIVE8 our young learners to get the support they need…

Sometimes you need a little nudge, other times it is a push in the right direction. A conversation needs to happen, and we are here to help and get that started. We have recently been having conversations with schools and support organisations amongst others. There was one topic which kept coming up which was mental […]