What is MOTIVE8?

MOTIVE8 is our latest programme which supports looked-after children and care leavers aged 15-24, and it encourages open dialogue about key issues facing young people in our communities and to supports them to safeguard themselves and others.

The 7-week programme is delivered virtually at present to due the national lockdown as well as restricted access to schools, but this has enabled us to reach more young people. The sessions are 1-hour long and the modules include: Social Media, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Health, Who Am I, Healthy Minds, and Resilience. Young people will also complete the Level 1 Award in Mentoring qualification. To accompany the virtual sessions, young people will receive a workbook which includes all of the activity worksheets as well as a help & support page which includes useful links to mental health support, sexual health clinic information, healthy relationship advice and guidance, and social media safety.

MOTIVE8 facilitator course

MOTIVE8 is now available as a Facilitators’ course. Facilitators should be individuals who support young people at risk aged 14-24, including but not exclusive to: teachers, those working in a pastoral or safeguarding role; social workers, working on an 1-1 basis with young people; and children’s home managers and support workers.

Individuals wishing to complete the MOTIVE8 Facilitator course will be able to do so at their own pace and timeframe as the course is hosted on our ‘On-Demand’ portal. This portal allows facilitators to access a range of knowledge through written and visual media. These resources are available whenever it suits the facilitators, as they have been pre-recorded.

This way of learning allows facilitators to complete the course whenever you want, wherever you want. There is no need to book days out of the calendar, as you can access them in, around and after the working day. The MOTIVE8 Facilitators’ course has no set course dates.

It is important to us at Project Initiative that we make a difference to as many young people’s lives as possible. It is impossible for us alone to deliver MOTIVE8 to young people across the UK, but with the help of Facilitators, we will be able to reach even more young people.

To enquire about this course, please get in touch.

Is MOTIVE8 funded?

Yes, the funding only covers young people living in Staffordshire who are aged 15-24 and not in employment or education. This programme is currently funded by the ESFA Positive Directions programme. If you have a young person who you would like to complete this programme, but they do not fall into the funding boundaries of Staffordshire, then this programme is available privately funded.