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Street Aid is our innovative new training programme that acknowledges the issues young people face and prepares them to respond to difficult situations in a pro-active way that safeguards themselves and others. Offering a modular approach to delivery, Street Aid covers important topics such as:

– Conflict Resolution – Consequential Thinking – Street First Aid – Resilience – Knife Crime Awareness LEARN MORE

Who are we?

Project Initiative C.I.C was formed in January 2018 by Chris Gowlett and Jayne Mannox, two former prisoner service employees. It was borne out of a desire to make a positive societal impact in the lives of those living and working in challenging environments. In particular, Project Initiative is focused on developing bespoke training projects which provide young people with the skills and knowledge to desist from crime and violence and play a positive role in their local community. All of our projects our underpinned by our three core values which are:

Meet the Team

We use our expertise, passion and dynamism to deliver forward thinking training that is relevant to today’s society. We think outside the box to engage hard to reach groups, to deliver important and life-long learning skills which will positively influence societal change.


We firmly believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities. Through our activities we aim to ensure those who have not had the same exposure to support and guidance, be offered just that. We know that everyone learns differently. We are responsive to learner need and will adapt our delivery style and resources to suit the needs of those we work with. 


Our expert, experienced trainers deliver high quality training which challenges mind sets and empowers individuals to engage consequential thinking skills when faced with a situation. We use our experience to address and overcome societal and cultural boundaries in a creative way.

Latest News

The updated Street Aid program

Project Initiative CIC is pleased to present their updated program for Street Aid, their flagship program. While pleased with the success of the delivery so far, the team understands that[…]

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Introducing… Beth Daley

Beth Daley is the Programme Delivery and Development Lead at Project Initiative CIC, based in Tamworth. She has over five years’ worth of experience working with vulnerable and high risk[…]

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West Midlands Police Active Citizen Grants Awarded

Midlands based Project Initiative CIC have been selected by West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver ‘Street Aid’ to help make targeted areas within West Midlands a safer place[…]

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